Publications as Model:

Model Society: Cover Image - Odinn Yngvason.

Photo France Magazine, - Dave Rudin. 4 images. interview - Randy Contello.

Body Narratives Gallery Exhibit: New York, NY. - Saul Soodin.

Fruit, Block Fort Gallery: Columbus, OH. - Kate Sweeney.

Model Society Magazine. - James Wigger "The Death of Beauty"

Dark Beauty Magazine - James Pitaressi.

Model Society Magazine - Kristian Quistgaard.

Dark Beauty Magazine, cover image. - Torres

Nif Magazine - James Pitaressi images.

Purple Port: image of the day - Chip Willis

Purple Port: Image of the day - Gary Breckheimer "Over the Curb"

BeaNU Magazine - James Pitaressi.

Vogue Italia - James Pitaressi "White Room"

Spider Awards - Gary Breckheimer "Over the Curb"

Vogue Italia - Bragi Kort "Embracing Nature" with S.Johannsdottir.

Vogue Italia - Bragi Kort "Forms in Nature" with S.Johannsdottir.

Fuzz Magazine - Daniel Anton, "Duets" with Nova Amour.

Purple Port: Cover Images - Odinn Yngvason “Sistine Chapel: Gentle Touch” with S.Johannsdottir.

Dark Beauty Magazine - Olga Kuzmenko with Valentinatheblackpearl.

Publications as Photographer:

Vogue Italia - 9/24/18 “I caught her in her gathered veils” model: Josephine Olivia