Travel Schedule:

July 12 - August 5 - Iceland

(July 30 - August 2 Berlin)

August 5 - 30 - NYC, New Jersey, Philadelphia

September 15 -18 - Vermont 

September 23 - Frackville, PA


Working with me:

My business email is

My rate is $80 an hour. I also have half and full day rates. Full day and half day shoots scheduled in advance require a deposit paypaled or venmoed to me. When traveling, rates may be negotiable. Additional funds for travel expenses are always appreciated, ESPECIALLY in regards to trade or discounted work. Cancellation policy: two weeks or less, half of amount. Two days before or less, full amount.

I require clear communication. Email me date, time, location, and wardrobe and styling preferences. I am fully competent at basic hair and make up. Every photo in my portfolio is self-styled. It is up to photographer to establish shoot locations. 

Starting July 10th, 2017 I am enacting a $25 deposit for all trade shoots with people I have never worked with before. 

My limits include:

1. nothing I personally deem racially or culturally appropriative (no headdresses.)

2. no pink shots or spreads

3. no posing with hard drugs or marijuana

4. no shaving my armpit hair or fully shaving my pubic region. 

5. nothing I deem pornographic in nature (insertions, etc).

6. nothing I personally deem gives off any sexual abuse vibes

7. My eyebrows are naturally thick and prominent, as seen in my photographs on here. I will not change them. Make up artists are not allowed to pluck them. I do not appreciate snide remarks about them. Thank you.