Based in Brooklyn, NY. 


Fall 2022 - Istanbul,Turkey  _____________________________________



Email for inquiries and rates.

 Different rates for medium format vs 35mm.  



My business email is

My photographic rate is $150 per hour with a two hour minimum per shoot, with discounted rates for NYC. Half day (4 hours) discount is $400 and full day (6-8 hrs with meals & breaks is $750). January 2019 marks my three year anniversary of modeling. I have over 300 shoots of experience. 

My life drawing rate is $30/hr. Life drawing does not include any reference photographing.

 Full and half day rates are modified slightly per assignment based on shooting in intentially inclement weather conditions or treacherous geographical areas, number of models working, concepts, type of photography, etc. Any shoot three hours or more scheduled in advance require a 50% deposit (paypaled or venmoed) to secure booking. Deposits are non refundable. Remaining balance due at time of shoot in cash/check or prepaid via paypal or venmo. When traveling, rates may be negotiable. Additional funds for travel expenses are always appreciated. 

I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and boosted.

 Cancellation Policy: Two weeks = half of amount. Within one week of the shoot, full booking fee is required. Deposits are non refundable.

Overtime Policy: If the photographer/client requests any amount of shooting past the originally arranged scheduled time period it will be paid for at the standard hourly rate.

 I require clear communication. Email me date, time, location, and wardrobe and styling preferences. I am fully competent at basic hair and make up. Every photo in my portfolio is self-styled. I am fully competent at covering my tattoos with makeup, however this needs to be specified pre-shoot. It is up to photographer to establish shoot locations. 

My time is time on set or with a photographer. From the time I arrive to the time I leave. 

I shoot in rain, sleet, snow, or shine. If we have a shoot scheduled and the weather changes to these conditions I will not accept a cancellation or a reschedule because your equipment is not water proof or you are afraid to get wet. The only excuses for canceling/rescheduling are city declared state of emergency. I do have a list of rules for shooting in inclement weather conditions. I will provide this after shoot confirmation, especially if the shoot is intentionally planned for more drastic conditions.

Art Direction: I am happy to art direct and plan every aspect of the shoot including but not limited to location scouting and planning, organizing the hiring of a light designer, organizing the hiring of additional models, providing transportation, etc for photographers both in NYC and those visiting. However I do charge an additional amount for the preparatory work involved, as this kind of planning goes above and beyond the model’s normal responsibility of posing for the shoot. If you are requesting these services we can discuss further regarding a suitable payment amount. 50% of this payment will be included in the initial deposit and if the shoot is canceled in ANY ASPECT regardless of how much time prior to the shoot the cancellation occurs I will request the full amount of this preparation fee to be paid. 

My limits include:

1. nothing I personally deem racially or culturally appropriative (no headdresses.)

2. no pink shots or spreads: anything showing labia, clitoris, or anus

3. no posing with hard drugs or marijuana

4. no shaving my armpit hair or fully shaving my pubic region. 

5. nothing I deem pornographic in nature (insertions, etc).

6. nothing I personally deem gives off any sexual abuse vibes

7. I do not do nude video work. I do not like doing any video work at all, nude or otherwise, even “boomerang” videos. As an actress I have been included in high budget art film productions, and that is the rare exception to this rule.

8. My eyebrows are naturally thick and prominent, as seen in my photographs on here. I will not change them. Make up artists are not allowed to pluck them.